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KERBER-T — Handheld IMS Detector
Ионно-дрейфовый детектор КЕРБЕР-Т

Handheld ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) trace explosives detector “KERBER-T” is designed to detect low volatile and volatile organic substances, such as toxic, chemically hazardous substances, explosives, narcotics in air/on the surface.

  • — no need of isotopic sources and consumables (special wipes)
  • — simultaneous analysis
  • — high analysis speed (1.5 – 2 sec.)
  • — low detection threshold (fractions of a nanogram of the substance)
  • — high analysis accuracy

KERBER-T is calibrated at the factory for the detection of a specified group of substances. Additional substances may be added by the manufacturer. The detector is operated by one person and is designed to work both in the field and stationary (special mobile laboratories and inspection/checkpoints).