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SKB Medrentech Ltd. was founded in 1995 on the basis of a special design engineering bureau Mosrentgen located in Moscow. Our company is working on the development and production of X-ray security equipment and high-voltage insulation testers.

Security Inspection Equipment

As part of the Mosrentgen plant, SKB Medrentech Ltd. has been producing X-ray security equipment for the last two decades using more than 50 years of experience in the development and creation of medical X-ray technology which made us one of the leading companies of X-ray equipment in the Russian market.

Inspection equipment created on the basis of penetrating X-rays is the most reliable and versatile tool of detecting prohibited goods. Our customers are: the majority of Russian subways (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Samara, N. Novgorod ….), Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, the Customs Committee of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Atomic Energy of Russia. Many airports, railway stations, customs terminals and almost every nuclear power plant is using the X-ray equipment produced by our company. SKB “Medrentech” Ltd. is a member of the “Transportation Security” Association.


Mosrentgen plant was established in 1944 and became the first manufacturer of HV insulation testing equipment. The first produced device was AII-70 and it was capable of testing solid and liquid insulating materials. Being large and heavy, AII-70 was not mobile enough, which made it difficult to work with the device in the field. It was the main reason for replacing AII-70 with two devices: AID-70 (dielectric test apparatus) – intended for testing solid insulation – and AIM-90 (oil testing apparatus) – intended for testing liquid dielectrics. These devices have proven to be reliable and unpretentious during working processes, and today more than one thousand of manufactured devices are being operated in the former Soviet Union and abroad.

In 2004 we were producing UKD-70, dielectrics monitoring and diagnosing unit, when our enterprise has received all the production technologies from Mosrentgen. Most of the engineers and designers of high-voltage equipment of the Mosrentgen plant joined the SKB design team, which allowed to improve produced equipment and to maintain a high level of sales in a market economy. The result of our collaboration was the modernization of a dielectric tester AID-70, what was added to the State Register of Measuring Instruments, thanks to its highest measurement accuracy. In addition, the upgraded version has indisputable advantages that distinguish it from the AID-70 clones offered on the market today. Nowadays we can present a new generation of devices for determining the dielectric strength of liquid dielectrics that have no analogues in the world market – AID-70C and AIM-90A (with microcontroller).