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INSPECTOR 60/70Z — Single View X-ray Inspection System

Medium-sized X-ray conveyor system with the lowest conveyor above the floor level (230 mm) and sufficient tunnel size (650 x 760 mm) is designed for inspecting baggage/luggage of any size and small cargo. The characteristics of the device make it optimal for using in airports, railway stations and subways, bus stations and other objects. It has a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the RF PP №969.

Inspector 60/70Z X-ray system is the best choice for inspecting luggage, carry-on baggage and large packages. It is suitable for operation at airports, railway stations, subways, checkpoints and during public events.

Inspector 60/70Z” paints the content of scanned object in six colors, depending on the type of materials. The system has function of automatic detection of potentially dangerous elements.

Inspector 60/70Z has all the necessary permits for operation on the territory of the Russian Federation and approved by the Center of Special Equipment of the Federal Security Service of Russia, SS PP RF №969 from 09/26/2016.

  • — Coloring objects on the screen – up to 6 colors
  • — Increase in 9 areas of the image and in the “magnifier” mode
  • — Image archive (up to 100,000 images)
  • — Luggage counter
  • — Color, black and white and negative imaging, metals or organics highlighting
  • — Continuous inspection mode
  • — Multiple zoom
  • — Increased X-Ray penetration feature
  • — Powerful conveyor belt drive
  • — Image library
  • — Manual image save
  • — TCP / IP networking
  • — Built-in emitter training program
  • — Automatic real time self-diagnostic
  • — Size of the tunnel: 650 (W) x 760 (H) mm
  • — Conveyor height above floor level: 230 mm
  • — Carrying capacity of the conveyor: up to 170 kg
  • — Overall dimensions: 3100 (L) x 1440 (W) x 1220 (H) mm
  • — Steel penetration: from 32 mm
  • — Wire Resolution: 0.08 mm
  • — X-Ray dose per inspection: not more than 0.75 µSv
  • — Power supply: 220V ± 10% 50Hz 0.8 kVA