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INSPECTOR 100/100ZХ — Dual View X-ray Inspection System
Рентгенотелевизионная установка Инспектор 65/75ZX

Inspector 100/100ZX is X-ray machine for inspecting oversized cargo at inspection points, used in airports, railway stations and other special security places.

The machine has dual-view system with a large tunnel that creates a double image of an inspected object in two perpendicular projections – from the side and above. That’s why there is no need to rescan the same object over again. The probability of detecting dangerous objects has been significantly increased which means faster security screening at checkpoints.

The unit is equipped with a mobile control panel and two monitors. The console is closed with lockable metal shutter. The device has the Certificate of Compliance with the requirements of the PP of the Russian Federation No. 969.

  • — Size of the tunnel: 1025 (W) x 1025 (H) mm
  • — Conveyor height above floor level: 320 mm
  • — Carrying capacity of the conveyor: up to 250 kg
  • — Overall dimensions: 3400 (L) x 1950 (W) x 1980 (H) mm
  • — Steel penetration: at least 32 mm
  • — Wire resolution: 0.1 mm
  • — X-Ray dose per inspection: 1 µSv
  • — Power supply: 220V ± 10% 50Hz 0.9 kVA