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HOMO SCAN — Full Body Scanner
Рентгенотелевизионная установка Инспектор 65/75ZX

Homo-Scan is a system that uses x-ray fan-beam technology and linear semiconductor detector making personal inspection quick, reliable and safe process. A person should stay still inside the inspection cabin during the process for just about 5 seconds. Homo-Scan allows you to quickly and accurately search for dangerous objects, substances and weapons hidden on or inside the body, clothes and shoes without the need to undress a person. Beside metallic objects the scanner allows you to search for explosives and weapons made from non-metallic materials. The system has a protective cabin so the operators are completely protected from radiation.

An x-ray dose received by a tested person is 0.25 μSv which is ten times less than the daily natural background radiation dose and twenty times less than the dose from digital fluorography. According to the Radiation Safety Standards, a person can have more than 1000 screening procedures per year without harming his or her health. The Homo-scan inspection unit has all the necessary permits for operation on the territory of the Russian Federation, a positive conclusion from the Center for Special Equipment of the FSB of Russia, SS PP of the Russian Federation No. 969 dated 09/26/2016.

  • — Magnification over 9 sections of the image and in the “magnifying glass” mode
  • — Image archive (up to 100,000 images)
  • — Security counter
  • — Color, black and white and negative imaging
  • — Multiple zoom
  • — Increased X-Ray penetration feature
  • — Image library
  • — Manual image save
  • — TCP / IP networking
  • — Built-in emitter training program
  • — Automatic real time self-diagnostic
  • — Scan area size: 900 (W) x 2000 (H) mm
  • — Cabin floor height: 130 mm
  • — Throughput: 180 people / hour
  • — Steel penetration: 32 mm
  • — Wire resolution: 0.15 mm
  • — X-Ray dose per inspection: 0.25 µSv
  • — Power supply: 220V ± 10% 50Hz 0.8 kVA