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AIM-90A — Oil Testing Device
AIM-90A has a modern design and new engineering solutions that allow to perform tests in fully automatic mode, that significantly reduces the labor costs. AIM-90A independently raises the high voltage until the dielectric breakdown, conducts mixing, counts the time intervals between the voltage rises, calculates the arithmetic mean value of the punch-through voltage, the quadratic error and coefficient of variation. The operator may change the number of test cycles, time intervals, mixing mode, etc. using the device menu. Unlike similar devices, AIM-90A has reduced HV shutdown time during breakdown to 10 microseconds, which means no electrode fouling of the measuring cell, therefore oil mixing feature may be disabled in the device settings. Moreover, oil mixing affects accuracy of the final test results in a negative way. The device is compact and ergonomic, all the necessary information is displayed on a bright six-inch display, also it has built-in printer for printing test reports and two measuring cells. Please note that our company is not related to the equipment of unknown origin and workmanship abbreviated as “AID-90”, with the exception of “AID-90A”.

  • — Power supply – (220 ± 22) V, 50 Hz;
  • — Highest punch-through voltage (effective value) – 90 kV;
  • — Highest power consumption – 0.5 kVA;
  • — Measuring cell volume – 400 cu. cm;
  • — Weight – 33 kg .;
  • — Breakdown arc-duration – 10 µs