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Digital Testing Device AID-70C

Digital dielectrics tester AID-70C is designed for electrical strength measurement of the insulation of HV power cables, various electrical insulating materials and devices operating as part of high-voltage electrical facilities. AID-70C can also be used as HV AC and DC source.

Unlike the classic AID-70M, the AID-70C has additional functionality: built-in memory, allowing you to record the parameters of the five most frequently conducted types of tests (insulators, dischargers, switches, 6.3 kV cables, 10 kV cables, etc.) manual and automatic mode that allows operator to set the test voltage in increments with 0.5 kV step, the rise speed of the test voltage, the maximum overcurrent protection (1 kV step), overall test time, displaying all necessary information about the parameters and test results on a bright six-inch LCD display; the device is controlled by the encoder; the operator can easily set up user-defined test modes using the built-in menu and, for example, calibrate the device by inputing correction factors. Possibility to print test report (optional). Remote of the device is made of a plastic case with a convenient strap for transportation. Optimal for stationary use.

The analog prototype of the device is the AID-70M, which has been successfully produced for several years and has proven itself to be a reliable and unpretentious device for HV testing and voltage generation. The microprocessor-based signal processing system used in the device has made it possible to increase the measurement accuracy and provide the AID-70C with new functions for operators convenience. The device uses a dual-circuit stabilization system that increases the accuracy of voltage maintenance at a target level and eliminate possible voltage fluctuations. This was made possible by separately tracking fluctuation in power supply voltage and voltage associated with changes in load current. The control system tracks possible changes and optimizes the control signal of the autotransformer.

AID-70M is the most popular device on the CIS countries markets: over the past few years more than 4,900 devices have been produced, each of them has established itself as a simple and reliable equipment. AID-70M is verified by State Metrology Service of the Russian Federation. Please note that our company is not related to the equipment of unknown origin and workmanship abbreviated as “AID-70”, with the exception of “AID-70M” and “AID-70C”.

  • — The device adjusts a DC output voltage of negative polarity (amplitude value) in the range from 2 to 70 kV with 0.3 kV step and AC output voltage (effective value) in the range from 2 to 50 kV with 0.2 kV step.
  • — Permissible relative measurement error of voltage is in the range from 10 to 70 kV for DC not exceeding ± 3% and from 10 to 50 kV for AC not exceeding ± 3%.
  • — The minimum output voltage of the device (1 ± 1) kV. Its value is determined by the design features of the autotransformer installed in the control panel.
  • — The amplitude of the ripple DC voltage 3%.
  • — Non-sinusoidal coefficient of AC voltage 5%.
  • — Maximum operating DC of the device (amplitude value) is 10mA for voltage range 2 kV – 60 kV; 5mA for voltage range 60 kV – 70 kV.
  • — DC power measurement is performed in main measuring range of 1-10 mA with 0.1 mA step, in additional measuring range of 0.1-1 mA with 0.01 mA step.
  • — The maximum output power of the device is 0.6 kVA.
  • — The maximum operating time of the device in DC mode is 10 minutes. Minimum time of the device in off state is 5 minutes.
  • — Maximum operating AC of the device (effective value) is 50 mA in the range 2 kV – 40 kV or 20 mA in the range 40 kV – 50 kV.
  • — AC current measurement is made on the main measuring range of 5-50 mA with a step of 0.1 mA, on an additional measuring range of 0.5-5 mA with a step of 0.01 mA.
  • — The maximum operating time in AC mode is 1 minute (1.8 kW – 2 kW); 5 minutes (1.5 kW – 1.8 kW); 10 minutes (1 kW – 1.5 kW); 1 hour (<1 kW). Minimum time of the device in off state is 5 minutes.
  • — Maximum permissible error – for main range (1 mA – 10 mA) DC and (5 mA – 50 mA) AC ± 5%; – for additional range (0.1 mA – 1 mA) DC and (0.5 mA – 5 mA) AC ± 5%.
  • — The maximum active power consumed by the device from the electric power system < 2.2 kW.
  • — The device has a protector turning off HV when it reaches the output: – DC voltage (amplitude value) 70.1 kV – 74.0 kV; – AC voltage ​​(effective value) 50.1 kV – 53.0 kV; – DC power (amplitude value) 10.1mA – 12.0 mA; – AC power ​​(effective value) 50.1mA – 54.0 mA;
  • — Overall sizes of the component parts of the apparatus: control panel 415x220x345 mm; – HV generator 335x285x630 mm. The mass of the component parts of the apparatus: the control panel 16 kg; – high-voltage generator 38 kg.
  • — The average lifetime of the device is 6 years minimum.